Shaping the Cold Chain of the Future

What We Do

SuperFreeze builds and operates a network of cold storage facilities that serve North and Southeast Asia, providing critical food and health infrastructure to our host countries. Leveraging patented decarbonization technology, the company provides high quality sustainable and efficient cold chain solutions to the food and pharmaceutical industries.

SuperFreeze ensures integrity, quality and sustainability within Asia’s food and pharmaceutical supply chain. The company has 181,000 square meters of temperature-controlled storage between -72°C and 25°C and an additional 578,000 square meters under construction.

Its cold storage warehouses are strategically built near major cities and ports to balance demand and market access with availability of LNG to power our facilities.

Access to LNG enables SuperFreeze to capture the cold energy released in the regasification process. The use of waste energy decreases our reliance on electricity, lowers its carbon footprint and allows it to reach the cryogenic temperatures needed to store and preserve high value products, such as vaccines and other pharmaceuticals. SuperFreeze provides a network of facilities and cold chain solutions that are safe and sustainable.

Our Storage Temp Range

In degrees celsius


Temp Controlled





-20 to -75°



 Sustainability has been at the core of our mission since 2011 when we began our journey to build a cold chain network with a low carbon footprint serving Asia. SuperFreeze combines cold storage solutions with decarbonization technology. Our patented technology captures and recycles the waste energy released in the LNG regasification process to cool warehouses that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere or ocean.


We build modern warehouses to service booming demand in Asia. Many use LNG to both offset the use of electricity and ensure freezing temperatures that would otherwise be difficult to reach and maintain. We also operate traditionally powered warehouses.

SuperFreeze’s warehouses are employing the latest technology to monitor and manage its inventory, guaranteeing freshness, safety and security for its food and pharmaceutical clients and their end customers.

Supply Management

Our warehouse management system efficiently monitors and controls the movement of goods within our cold storage warehouse – from receiving, storing, and shipping, to processing and “picking” or rearranging what is on a pallet or in a box.

Every movement is monitored and tracked from the time a product enters and leaves each of our facilities, increasing accuracy, flexibility, and scalability.


Challenges We
Are Taking On

Food Waste

Around one-fourth of the food waste in Korea is created before it ever reaches the table. SuperFreeze is committed to providing a consistent cold chain in key locations to reduce waste, lower prices and minimize carbon footprints.

Source: National Assembly Research Service

A Rapidly Growing Pharma Industry

COVID-19 has shown the importance of an efficient vaccine and critical pharma distribution. Currently 50% of vaccines spoil before delivery, wasting resources, increasing prices and generating carbon. SuperFreeze is on a mission to provide cold chain services that ensure availability of quality products to Asian consumers.

Source: World Health Organization

High Carbon Footprint in Cold Chain

An improved global cold chain could reduce CO2 emissions by up to 50% worldwide. Decarbonization is at the core of our business from the way we build our facilities to the point of delivery.

Source: International Institute of Refrigeration

Why SuperFreeze?

Decarbonizing Cold Chain

Our patented decarbonization technology reduces reliance on electricity and CO2 emissions by as much as 75% vs. traditional facilities.

Controlled Safety and Guaranteed Quality

We provide steady temperatures 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, minimizing product deterioration, preserving food quality and maximizing shelf life.

Efficiency Through Technology

Automation and sophisticated IT systems improve quality of service and maximize the use of our space.

Strategically Located

We make location a top priority when designing and building our facilities, always keeping customers’ needs in mind while ensuring road and port accessibility.